E129 - Eyeshield 21 (Ch.1-20) FEAT. Colton (Manga Mavericks)

February 8th, 2024



Are you ready for some football!? This superbowl week, we decided to check out a little-known team from the Japanese High School league, the Devil Bats! Sena just started high school, and after being honed by years of bullying, he's ready to take the American football world by storm. Unfortunately, he's too mild-mannered and has to hide his persona under the guise of the mysterious Eyeshield 21, a hero who comes to save the day by running at the speed of light. Also, eventually more people have super powers or something, just like actual football. This week, Matt, Sam, Jae, and special guest Colton (Manga Mavericks) read and discuss Eyeshield 21 written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Yusuke Murata.

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