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About Us

Four weebs who just want to talk about manga, or manwha, or webcomics; we're really not that picky. Every week, Matt, Sam, Jae, and Jacob dive into an arc of some manga they want to read. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad, but every time they're going to do a deep dive. Follow along as we explore comics new, old, and sometimes just weird.

Latest Episodes

E101 - Oddman 11 (Ch.1-25) 🅴

What if someone watched the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs The World and then decided that'd be cooler with more lesbians? That's basically Setsu's situation as she decides to fight a group of super-pow...

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E100 - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency (Ch.1-26)

On this 100th episode of the OverMangaCast, we want to thank all our listeners for Joseph Jostar is picking up where his father left off, but is kinda a dick about it. Landing in the new world of Ame...

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Discussion - Genres

Another week, another discussion episode to cover the gap of their reading speeds by having an informal discusssion about the nature of genres. Or at least Sam and Jacob do, Matt is kinda just dragged...

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E99 - Berserk (Golden Age 1-9) (Ch.0:9-0:16) 🅴

Guts was just an average kid, that no one understood... Oh wait, no, he was definitely a resident of the grim dark dystopia that is Berserk. We go on a flashback journey, exploring the childhood of yo...

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