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About Us

Four weebs who just want to talk about manga, or manwha, or webcomics; we're really not that picky. Every week, Matt, Sam, Jae, and Jacob dive into an arc of some manga they want to read. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad, but every time they're going to do a deep dive. Follow along as we explore comics new, old, and sometimes just weird.

Latest Episodes

E138 - Sand Land

Beekzebub is prince of the demons, and also a side character in this adventure where a lone sheriff asks to find water on the other end of a completely barren desert. The evil king has a monopoly on c...

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E137 - Re:Monster (Ch.1-19) 🅴

Iseakai nonsense, but this time he's just a widdle goblin. Except not. This week, Matt, Sam, and Jacob read and discuss Re:Monster written by Kogitsune Kanekiru and illustrated by Haruyoshi Kobayakawa...

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E136 - Kagurabachi (Ch.1-18)

Chihiro is the son on the world's best blacksmith, whose magic-infused katana ended a terrible war that split the country in two. However, his happy life was ruined when criminals killed his father an...

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E135 - Golden Kamuy (Ch.30-49)

Sugimoto and Asirpa go on a cool arctic whale quest to discover more cooking manga shenanigans, as well as uncovering a terrifying secret about the origin of the skin map's to Ainu gold. This week, Ma...

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