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About Us

Four weebs who just want to talk about manga, or manwha, or webcomics; we're really not that picky. Every week, Matt, Sam, Jae, and Jacob dive into an arc of some manga they want to read. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad, but every time they're going to do a deep dive. Follow along as we explore comics new, old, and sometimes just weird.

Latest Episodes

E151 - My Wife Has No Emotion (Ch.1-14) 🅴

Beep-boop. Takuma is a lonely guy of situationally appropriate means who decides to buy a robotic house servant Mina, only he's way too lonely and starts personifying his new appliance. Now he thinks ...

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E150 - Psuedo Harem (Ch.1-50)

Nanakura Rin just wants her senpai in the Drama Club to notice her. Kitahama Eiji just wants to live a blessed high school existance where girls flaunt all over him. Good thing Rin is an amazing actre...

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E149 - Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President (Vol. 4)

The Democratic primary is coming to its climactic end, but not before this manga introduces the greatest political enemy that have ever existed; the Clintons. But will Yamaoka be able to defeat their ...

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E148 - Oshi No Ko (Ch.67-88)

Holy crap, they remembered the isekai plotline! But Aqua is bummed that he has no more revenge, so now the girls are recording a music video? This week, Matt, Sam, and Jacob read and discuss Oshi No K...

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